1. Self-service laundromat, coin laundry

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Self-service laundromat, coin laundry
We have 31 sets of Washers and 20 sets of dryers with price of $2.75~$6.00 per load for 20 lb.~60 lb. washers, and 8 min and 4 min per quarter for 35 lb. and 75 lb. dryers; the cheapest in the region.
Best of all, we open 24/7, thanks to two state-of-art surveillance systems , a total of 10 cameras, with real time monitoring feature  for a safer and comfort environment. Thus, our customers are from regions, e.g., Cooperstown, Maryland, Worcester, Hartwick, Sidney, Delhi and Stamford, of Otsego and Delaware County. With our high efficiency machines, your laundry can be done in less than 60 min, 25 min in washing and 32 min in drying.
 New Speed Queen Washers (2013):  
  20 lb. (11 sets, white) and 60 lb. (5 sets, green)
New Speed Queen Dryers (2013):
35 lb. (14 sets, stack) and 75 lb. (6 sets, single)
Mega load washers: 40 lb. (2) and 50 lb. (5)
The most popular washers: 35 lb. (8)
Two entry doors equipped automatic sliding and swig operation easy in and out.